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Welcome to the Website of the Danish Leonberger Club - in Danish called Dansk Leonberger Klub or in short DLK.
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16-Mar-2012 Teeth card - word-format
Teeth card - pdf-format
Breeding book 2010
Breeding book 2009
Breeding book 2008
Breeding book_2000-2007
Breeding book 1997-1999

To download any of the files above right click on the link and choose "save as". Remember that reading files in pdf-format requires Acrobat Reader, which you can get for free here:

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Breedingrestrictions for 2013 (updated)

25-Jun-17 New mating
19-Jun-17 Approved bitches
16-June-17 Results
Points 2017
12-Jun-17 Show calendar 2017
18-May-17 Titles 2017
Approved males
29-Apr-17 Results - Blovstrød
14-Mar-17 Training dogs of the year 2016
03-Mar-17 Kennels
02-mar-17 Dogs of the year 2016
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